The agenda has an emphasis on the major current trends, sharing best practice and celebrating the digital travel sector.

It is specifically researched and designed to offer broad appeal across travel: from travel agents and OTAs, to tour operators, airlines, hotels, cruise lines and other product suppliers, recruitment specialists and technology and systems developers.

Travolution European Summit 2018 Agenda

Chair's Opening Remark
European travel market report

The second annual European travel market report will be launched at the Travolution Summit. The report has been expertly authored by Ian Taylor, executive editor of Travolution sister publication Travel Weekly, and analyses market data that sheds light on the key trends in the travel sector in the UK and on the continent.

Executive Vice President Online Western Europe, Middle East and Africa
Senior Vice President EMEA
Director Enterprise Partnerships, Travel Industries
The top Macro & Micro trends shaping travel in 2018

How are consumers interacting with metasearch sites? How has mobile become increasingly important in the customer’s pathway to purchase? What new experiences are Britons opting for in their holiday preferences?


Once a customer arrives on your site, what's next? What on-domain behaviours can you predict? How can you stop stop using the "average" traveller as a crutch and drive more satisfaction, loyalty and profit by identifying all the populations on your site?

These topics and more will be covered by Nigel Wilson from Hitwise, and Richard Harris from Intent Media as they look at macro and micro trends that have defined and shaped the UK travel industry in 2018.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive
Intent Media
Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Chief Operating Officer
KEYNOTE: Start-up Acceleration – how IAG innovate with start-ups

Dupsy Abiola took on the role of IAG global head of innovation last year and is now heavily involved the firm’s work with start-ups both in its Hangar 51 accelerator programme and a global investment fund to support early stage travel and technology firms.

A trained barrister and acclaimed businesswoman who established online internships website Intern Avenue, Abiola will speak about IAG’s work with the start-up eco-system and how this is essential for any large corporation if is to stay ahead of the game and drive innovation in travel.

Head of Global Innovation
International Airline Group
Morning Break
Innovating through growth: Using Blockchain to optimise processes and transactions in travel

So much is being promised by Blockchain but this emerging distributed ledger technology remains unproven and something of a mystery. Although to date it’s been largely associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, use cases in travel vary from supporting new flying car infrastructure and revolutionising travel procurement and contracting, to creating global loyalty programmes and ushering in a new paradigm for traveller identity and transactions.


This session will hear from experts in blockchain who will shed light on the technology’s likely applications in travel and what travel firms can expect in terms of its impact.

  • What is Blockchain?
  • How can Blockchain simplify transactions?
  • How is Blockchain enhancing payments in travel?
  • Other applications of Blockchain
  • Cutting out the middleman/direct access to inventory
Travel Ledger Alliance
Director Strategic Alliances
BlockX Labs
Head of International Solutions
PANEL: Artificial Intelligence in travel: the art of the possible

Keeping up-to-date with digital innovation can be a challenge. You’ve heard of the new industry buzzwords – AI, machine learning, Internet of Everything, chatbots, cryptocurrency – but what does it mean in digital transformation terms for your travel business?

In this session our panel of experts will share with you their views on how travel businesses can turn the buzzwords of the day into actionable next steps.

  • Machine learning
  • Voice search - the new paradigm
  • Natural language processing
  • Personalisation
  • Chatbots
  • Robots that create content
Executive Chairman
Malvern Group
Technical Leader for Travel & Transportation
Head of Startups Partnership Program
Amadeus Explore
Delegate Lunch & Networking
KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: Ariane Gorin, president, Expedia Partner Solutions

In this ‘fire-side’ chat with Travolution editor Lee Hayhurst, Ariane Gorin will discuss Expedia’s vision for the travel sector and the role it sees as playing in an increasingly global and complex sector.


Gorin will explain why Expedia believes a partnership approach can be mutually beneficial to both sides, the necessity of building and deploying technology solutions that are proven to work and how taking a customer-focussed, test and learn approach is vital.

  • Building partnerships
  • The global travel marketplace
  • Technology that works/guarantees results
  • Driving loyalty and repeat purchase
  • Packaging the deal
Expedia Partner Solutions
PANEL: Developing winning personalisation strategies to enhance the customer experience

    Building a personalised relationship with your customer is an important part of sales conversion. How can you build a personalisation strategy which delivers value back to your customer and drives customer satisfaction? How can you work out what your customer wants?

    • Capture and use of data (first, second and third party)
    • What does data-led marketing look like in a GDPR world?
    • Predicting interest and booking intentions
    • Tracking cross-channel - mobile, desktop, voice
    • Integrating online data into contact centre operations to optimise conversions 
    • Data analytics and making sense of unstructured data
    Director of Strategic Partnerships
    Senior Vice President, Customer Success
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Chief Operating Officer EMEA
    PANEL: How to tap into the 'advocacy economy' and create customer loyalty

      Selling is no longer about the point of conversion but the entire customer journey and how brands capture customers’ attention as they look for inspiration.

      In a world of digital word-of-mouth how people interact with a brand at every touchpoint impacts the value they will bring to a business over time - from buying and using products and services, to then becoming vocal advocates.

      But what does this mean for travel? How can travel businesses ensure that customer experience, brand communications and services all tie in throughout the entire lifecycle to create loyal customers who come back again and again, and advocate on their own terms?

      • Looking past acquisition to focus on the whole customer experience of the brand
      • Integrated systems that enable fast response to customer feedback coupled with quick action
      • Embracing UGC – warts and all – to gain insight into the customer and encourage advocacy
      • Increased customer centricity at every stage
      • Providing high quality content and answering common customer queries 
      Chief Revenue Officer
      Chief Executive Officer
      Afternoon Break
      KEYNOTE: Making content king

      In this session delegates will hear from Dr Kris Naudts, the founder of one of the most talked-about emerging travel firms around. He will explain how the content Culture Trip has amassed will enable it to establish an OTA that places quality, fresh content at the heart of its strategy.

      Culture Trip has managed to address the issue of creating consistent, top-quality content at scale and now believes it has a position in the top of the travel funnel to match customer desire and intent to travel with the purchase in a way no other OTA has done before.

      • Putting the experience first
      • Linking inspiration with conversion
      • Building quality content at scale
      • Creating an OTA from content
      • Funding for growth
      CEO & Founder
      Culture Trip
      Using your staff and design to unlock innovation

      Your next big idea may be closer to home than you think. Virgin Atlantic and Clearleft have been using one-week design sprints to explore new digital experiences. We will show how we have involved staff outside of the digital design team in creating and testing new digital products.

      • Driving loyalty through design and UX
      • Digital transformation and agile development
      • Design sprints and driving innovation
      • Putting design at the heart of everything you do
      User Experience Designer
      KEYNOTE: Internet of things and the evolution of travel experience

      In this final keynote and our closing session of the day, delegates will hear from a true visionary in the travel sector who has introduced Internet of Things and wearable technologies to huge physical travel assets including theme parks and cruise liners.

      Delegates will hear how this approach to adopting emerging technology is transforming the product and the customer experience so that it has be tailored and personalised in ways that until recently would have been considered impossible.

      • Impact of Magic Bands (Disney) and Medallion (Carnival/Princess)
      • Collection, curation and use of data
      • Personalising the product/experience
      • The experience as a selling point
      • Internet of things/connectivity
      • The 'magic' of technology
      Executive Vice President of Guest Experience and Product Development
      Princess Cruises
      Chair’s Closing Remarks
      Networking Drinks Reception