Khalid Ladha
Director Strategic Alliances
BlockX Labs

Khalid is the EU/UK Director of Strategic Alliances at BlockX Labs, a blockchain consulting and development house based in Toronto. With skilful engineering and bleeding-edge solutions architecture, BlockX helps enterprises ideate, test, and build full-scale blockchain-oriented solutions on Hyperledger, Ethereum, R3 Corda, Quorum and more.


In his role Khalid speaks, writes, and evangelizes the potential of these and other distributed-ledger technologies. He is particularly interested in travel x tech blockchain solutions, specifically around smart contract utilization. 

Before joining BlockX, Khalid was at Duetto Cloud, helping hotel owners and operators use Duetto's full product suite to maximize KPI growth across North America. He has previously worked at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts (FRHI). Khalid is also a Senior Advisor at The Omni Group, a leading hospitality-outsourcing firm in in the UK.

Khalid holds a Masters Degree from Cornell University and the School of Hotel Administration. He is passionate about blending public policy and emerging technology to better how both societies and organisations operate.