Terms and conditions

By booking your place at this event you are entering into a binding agreement. We will confirm your booking within two working days. If you do not receive confirmation within this time, please contact us to confirm your booking. You are advised to take out appropriate travel insurance, as we will not accept any liability for travelling, accommodation or other expenses incurred as a consequence of a possible event cancellation or postponement. In any event, the Event Secretariat will not accept liability for any loss, including incidental or consequential damages etc

PLEASE NOTE it may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organisers to alter the venue and content, or the timings of the programme.

Payment details

An invoice can be requested at the time of booking for payment to be via cheque or BACS. A credit card payment can be selected at the time of booking. Please note credit card payments cannot be made if the invoice option is chosen at time of booking. A month prior to the event, the invoice option is disabled and payment is via credit only.

Cancellation details

If you cancel on or before the 29th July 2021 a full refund will be given minus 15% administration fee. If you cancel on or after the 30th July 2021 no refund will be given and payment is still required if cancelling after this date.

All cancellations must be made in writing to:

Maisie Meehan,

Travel Weekly Group Ltd,

52 Grosvenor Gardens,



Email: maisie.meehan@jacobsmediagroup.com

Cancellation of the event

In the event that the event is cancelled by the organisers, a full refund will be made of any booking fees paid. However, if the event is postponed for reasons beyond the direct control of the organisers, this booking will be transferred to the revised date of the event and all these Terms and Conditions shall apply to any such transferred booking.

COVID-19 Obligations and Testing

The Supplier shall ensure that no employee, worker, contractor, subcontractor, officer, agent, or other representative of the Supplier (“Representative”) will be permitted to attend an Event on behalf of the Supplier if they or someone they live with is displaying any of the following symptoms:

(a) A temperature of 37.8C or greater;

(b) A new dry continuous cough; or

(c) A loss of, or change in, normal sense of smell or taste.

TWG reserves the right to refuse entry to any person displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

TWG may require the Supplier, or any Representative of the Supplier who is attending an Event to:

(a) Provide proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test for COVID-19 taken within 48 hours prior to the commencement of an Event; or

(b) Undertake a Lateral Flow Test for COVID-19 immediately prior to commencement of the Event which shows a negative result for COVID-19; or

(c) Provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to the reasonable satisfaction of TWG.

Travel Weekly Group reserves the right to require any Representative to undertake a COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test regardless of whether they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 immediately prior to the commencement of the Event.

TWG reserves the right to refuse admission to any Supplier, who does not meet one of the requirements set out above.

Before commencing the services hereunder the Supplier shall procure that its Representatives shall familiarise themselves with and comply with Travel Weekly Group’s health and safety policy as provided to the Supplier for the Event. The Supplier agrees and shall procure that the Representatives agree that this is an ongoing obligation that extends to any additional policies, procedures or measures that Travel Weekly Group may put in place from time to time in respect of its response to COVID-19 and which are provided to the Supplier in writing.

The Supplier unconditionally acknowledges and shall procure that the Representatives acknowledge that there is an element of risk of exposure to COVID-19 associated with any form of participation in an activity involving other individuals working at relatively close proximity. While Travel Weekly Group shall adhere to the health and safety protocols and follow all risk assessment recommendations to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19, the Supplier acknowledges and shall procure that the Representatives acknowledge that there remains a possibility that the Representatives may come into direct or indirect contact with COVID-19 and the Supplier shall procure that the Representatives freely and willingly agrees to participate in the Event and provide the Services in this knowledge.

“Force Majeure” shall mean any circumstances outside TWG’s reasonable control including, without limitation, war, act of terrorism, riot, civil commotion, strike, lockout or any other industrial action, epidemics/pandemics including but not limited to COVID-19, Act of God.

TWG shall have no liability for costs, expenses, damages or losses arising as a result of the Supplier or any Representative of the Supplier being refused entry to an Event in accordance with this agreement.

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